DCS Community Grants 2021 - 2022

Category: Arts, sport and leisure, Community support, Education, skills and learning, Employment and finance, Health and wellbeing.
Program Status: Live.
Government: State Government.
Agency: Department for Correctional Services.
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Project Eligibility

DCS can only provide grant funds to eligible organisations that:

  • are non-government, incorporated community organisations that are not-for-profit;
  • provide social welfare and help for disadvantaged individuals, families and communities in need in South Australia;
  • have a registered Australian Business Number (ABN); and
  • can be a local council if the applicant is a separately managed community group.

Project Details

The Department for Correctional Services (DCS) is committed to strengthening strategic partnerships with community organisations through the provision of Community Grants.

The purpose of the DCS Community Grants Program is to enhance protective factors of offenders in relation to their recidivism so they can lead pro-social lives. This means investing in evidence based, effective initiatives that are provided through in-reach into prisons, or in the community with the support of DCS Community Corrections.

Enhancing protective factors includes addressing matters such as employment, health and wellbeing, housing, relationships and other key life skills.

Programs and services funded by DCS Community Grants must align to the DCS Strategic Plan and the State Government's  Reducing Reoffending: 10% by 2020 Strategy (10by20) by building a safer community through preventing reoffending and improving rates of rehabilitation and reintegration.

Applications must contribute to one or more of the following strategic priorities:

  • Successful return to community – providing targeted programs to support the successful reintegration of offenders into the community;
  • Employment and industry – improving employment outcomes for prisoners and offenders;
  • Prioritising target cohorts – ensuring programs are targeted to groups to achieve the best results, including
    • women offenders
    • prisoners on short sentences
    • individuals on remand
    • offenders in community corrections; and
  • Closing the Gap – providing targeted and culturally appropriate services and programs to address the specific needs of Aboriginal offenders.

Non-government organisations (NGOs) are invited to apply for a grant funding of up to $50,000 (GST inclusive) for the delivery of programs and services over a 12-month period. Funded programs and services may be delivered in the community, within prisons or at Community Correctional Centres.

Grants are once-off and are not intended as a recurring funding source. 

Grant funding requires demonstration of contributing to DCS strategic priorities, meeting defined key performance indicators and outcomes.