Active Club Program

Category: Arts, sport and leisure.
Program Status: Round 49 'Club Reboot Round' - CLOSED.
Government: State Government.
Provisioning: 2020-21 $2,495,000
Agency: Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing.
More information: view website.

Project Eligibility

Eligible organisations: Incorporated Sport or Active Recreation Clubs that do not have a gaming machine licence


Project Details

To provide assistance to active recreation and sports clubs with:

  • Programs and equipment (up to $3,000)

Round 49 (Club Reboot Round) of the Active Club Program is for program and equipment requests. 

 Whilst applicants cannot apply for a specific amount, grants of either $1,500 or $3,000 will be available for each applicant based on the membership of the club.

For eligible applicants with less than 100 members the maximum grant available will be $1,500 and for applicants with 100 or more members the maximum grant available will be $3,000.