Medical Device Partnering Program (MDPP)

Category: Medical and Assistive Devices.
Program Status: The program is currently being delivered. Check website for next application period.
Provisioning: Successful applicants must provide $5,000 contribution. In return, Flinders University provides 250 hrs (or 3 months) research and support time, plus a 30 hour commercial assessment
Agency: Flinders University.
More information: view website.

Project Eligibility

Proposals must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Be a medical device or assistive technology.
  • Be technically feasible.
  • Be commercially feasible.
  • Involve innovation.
  • Able to be completed within 250 hours or 3 months.
  • Be proposed by a company, commercial enterprise or an individual who agrees to form such an entity with a current or proposed connection in South Australia.
  • The proposing entity must be able to co-contribute $5000 (ex GST) to the project.

Project Details

Medical Device Partnering Program supports the development of medical and assistive health devices:

  • Support the early stage development of commercially viable medical technology products.
  • Provide opportunities for firms to research and develop new medical technology.
  • The program provides small and medium enterprises with specific R+D services and support (through Flinders University’s Medical Device Partnering Program) and commercial assessment support to help them develop commercially viable medical technology products.