Emissions Reduction Fund

Category: Environmental.
Program Status: Refer to website for more details.
Government: Federal Government.
Agency: Australian Government - Clean Energy Regulator.
More information: view website.

Project Eligibility

There are four steps to participating in the Emissions Reduction Fund:

  1. Join the scheme by registering yourself and your project. For more information see Step 1 - Apply.
  2. Secure a contract with the Australian Government by participating in an auction. For more information see Step 2 - Contracts and auctions.
  3. Run your project according to the method you have chosen to use. Report on your project and ensure it is audited when required. For more information see Step 3 - Reporting and auditing.
  4. Claim Australian carbon credit units (ACCUs) for the emissions reductions you have achieved and sell them. For more information see Step 4 - Delivery and payment.

Project Details

Voluntary scheme that aims to provide incentives for a range of organisations and individuals to adopt new practices and technologies to reduce their emissions.