Growth Services

Category: Other, Small Business.
Program Status: Open.
Government: Federal Government.
Agency: Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.
More information: view website.

Project Eligibility

An applicant must first meet the eligibility criteria of the Entrepreneurs’ Programme as outlined in the Customer Information Guide.

Businesses must complete the Growth Services online application form.

If eligible, a business will then be assessed against Growth Services merit criteria which review the extent to which a business has the foundations and opportunity for growth, including:

  • growth opportunity
  • commitment to growth
  • resources and capacity to execute a growth plan

Project Details

Growth Services seeks to assist businesses who have growth opportunities by supporting them, over an engagement period of up to two years, to develop and embed the capabilities, strategies and connections to capitalise on their growth. Growth Services provides access to specialist Business Advisers, services and connections to accelerate growth, at no charge to the business.