Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) Arts Development - Individual Artist Development

Category: Arts, Other, Small Business.
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Government: State Government.
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Agency: Arts SA.
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Project Eligibility

Open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) artists, arts workers and arts and cultural groups based in South Australia. Funding is available to subsidise short course fees for training. Funding is not available for long-term training, accommodation or travel expenses. Applicants seeking funding to undertake master classes, workshops or conference attendance must show how the activity will benefit their arts practice development. This program also supports work placements, secondments or attachments to some of South Australia’s leading festivals or organisations. You must show how such an opportunity would benefit your arts practice development. Any study undertaken in association with the placement must be through an approved and recognised organisation.

Project Details

The Individual Artist Development program assists with professional development opportunities. Artists and arts administrators can apply for support to undertake training that is relevant to their art practice, which can include: mentorships, arts related business courses, work placement, secondment or attachment to festivals or arts organisations, master classes, workshops, attendance at conferences. Mentorships are way to develop new artistic and conceptual skills and focus on career planning and professional capacity building. They are usually self-directed. Artists should plan, initiate and develop their proposal with their chosen mentor. You can apply for fees to pay a mentor, studio hire fees and travel to facilitate the mentorship. Emerging artists can apply to undertake a one-on-one professional relationship with a leading arts practitioner. Established artists wishing to undertake mentorships can apply through the Project Assistance program. Individual Artist Development also provides funding for individuals to undertake arts-related business courses through approved and recognised training organisations. Examples include: a musician taking a music management or marketing course at Ausmusic SA, participation in community arts and cultural development courses offered by appropriate training institutions or arts organisations, attendance at interstate arts-business short courses not available in South Australia.