Active Club Program

Category: Arts, sport and leisure.
Program Status: Round 48 Closed.
Government: State Government.
Provisioning: 2019-20 $3,150,000
Agency: Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing.
More information: view website.

Project Eligibility

Eligible organisations: Incorporated Sport or Active Recreation Clubs that do not have a gaming machine licence

Project Details

To provide assistance to active recreation and sports clubs with:

  • Programs and equipment (up to $5,000)
  • Facility requests up to $25,000 (a co-contribution may be required)

The program has two funding rounds per year, one for programs and equipment requests, the other for programs and equipment, and facility requests.

Round 47 of the Active Club Program is for facility, and program and equipment requests. 

Round 48 of the Active Club Program is for program and equipment requests.