SA Healthy Towns Challenge

Category: Health and wellbeing.
Program Status: applications closed 15/4/19 at 5pm.
Government: State Government.
Agency: Department of Health and Wellbeing.
More information: view website.

Project Eligibility

All towns within the Country Health SA Local Health Network region are eligible.

Applications may be for one eligible town or for a group of eligible towns within a local area that choose to submit a joint application.

Organisations with an active presence within the local town can apply. If the application covers a group of eligible towns within a local area, the organisation must have an active presence within at least one of these towns.

All applications must be made in partnership with an External Partner.  The External Partner must be a not-for-profit organisation with expertise in the health and wellbeing sector.

South Australian or Australian Government agencies and for-profit businesses are not eligible as the applying organisation, but are able to be local partners in an application.

School communities and their organisations are eligible to apply.

Individuals are not eligible to apply.

Project Details

The SA Healthy Towns Challenge is a grants program supporting regional and rural towns to develop preventive health and well-being programs within their community.

Preventive health programs focus on keeping people healthy and preventing the onset of disease or injury. This means promoting healthy lifestyle behaviours and reducing the chances of health problems arising in the first place.

Prevention can be targeted at individuals, at communities or the total population.

Grants are available for at least five towns each year, across 4 rounds: in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Grants are for a maximum of $50,000 each (GST exclusive).

Funds must be used within 12 months of the grant contract start date.

Organisations should not have an expectation of ongoing funding from SA Health.